We have reimagined the production process from the ground up, exploring new technologies, processes, and materials, to discover what’s possible with emerging innovations in production and manufacturing.
The result - a new system that creates strong, comfortable, and lightweight 3D-printed frames.

In partnership with 3D Systems, we have refined and expanded the possibilities of SLS production technology. This partnership enables pq to provide cutting edge products that continue to advance as technology advances.

TED Talks - What’s next in 3D printing
3D printing
‘will bring mass customization’

Our imaginative design, innovative manufacturing, and 3D printing technology make us the global experts on manufacturing and customizing frames.


the future of eyewear
Ron Arad’s Studio monolithic designs take full advantage of 3D printing’s potential.

pq has pioneered the usage of commercial 3D printers to manufacture eyeglass frames tailored to each individual’s unique facial structure. With the custom project, pq brings eyewear to a new level by not only providing lenses custom to the the specific needs of the individual, but frames custom to individual style