and vision

Your personality is anything but ordinary. Your frames should be too.

pq is reshaping the optical industry and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with eyewear, dreaming up designs that are meant to turn heads. We are committed to bringing the boldest designs to life, custom tailoring our frames for each and every one of our customers.

See the world through our frames, see the world differently

The nature of pq is to innovate and inspire. Our team is built to disrupt the conventions of modern eyewear and dream up new visions of what is possible. With 3D printing technology , the frontier for frame design is limitless, and yet they’re still produced like we’re stuck in the 1950s.

We saw an opportunity to bring frames into the 21st century, and produce frames with bold designs, custom fit to the face of every our customers.

Antiordinary is more than just a tagline, it's the mindset of pq by Ron Arad

Nestled among the hillside vineyards of Susegana, Italy, the pq HQ is where our dreams become reality.

Eyewear’s greatest minds - from specialist manufacturers to leading technologists - flock here to collaborate and imagine new possibilities, bringing Ron Arad’s daring designs to life.